Disney Magic Cruise – Part 4 of 7

We docked in Grand Cayman on the 4th day.  We were supposed to do the shipwreck snuba, but weather conditions forced them to cancel our port adventure.  BOOO.

We would have chosen another one, but Deb apparently cannot snorkel, and we didn’t want to do any of the shore excursions that required us to travel to them for half the day.  I didn’t get on a cruise ship to sit on a bus.  So, we explored Georgetown in Grand Cayman and did some shopping.

tender boat

They gave a talk on the boat about shopping, and what deals you can expect.  Disney was pushing this company called Diamonds International very hard, like “someone is getting a kickback” hard.  I guess people go to Grand Cayman to do gem shopping because they’re supposedly cheaper.  And unless there was a gemstone set that gives +3 vs. Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears,  Deb and I couldn’t give a flying shit about gems, most of that was lost on us.

We were more interested in good deals on booze and cuban cigars.  We were told to wait until we docked in Costa Maya (the next day) to buy them because they’d have great deals there.  Ok, whatever.

So we take a look at the diamonds stores (there are many) just to price new diamond studs for Deb, and all the salespeople were slimy and pushy, and sure the gems were 65% off, but 65% off already super inflated prices is not a deal.

We went into a rum shop were they sold Rum Cakes, and I bought a little one.  But then I looked at some caribbean rums, and I was told they couldn’t sell me them because I came from a Disney Ship.  WTF.

Then we went into a little upstairs cigar shop, just to check prices.  All the cigars were cuban and smelled wonderful.  The prices seemed reasonable to me, so I bought one for later.  I refrained from buying a whole box, and decided to wait to see this other shop in Costa Maya.  I would find out later that this would be a mistake.

margaritaville. we did not go here.

Of course there was Margaritaville in Grand Cayman. NO, we did not enter.

view from breezes

breezes entrance

Instead, we ate upstairs at some place called Breezes overlooking the port and some little pirate ship.

pirates week

In the second week in November they do Pirates Week, Cayman’s National Festival.  It would have been nice to see that.

pirates week photos

Apparently it gets pretty busy.

return to the ship


We returned to the ship early after shopping.  They had tender boats to take us back and forth to the ship because the ship couldn’t dock in port due to weather.

pirate night

It was Pirate night on the cruise!  Everyone was dressed in pirate garb.  For those that didn’t have any, Disney gave everyone a red Pirates of the Caribbean head scarf.

pirate minnie

The characters were piratey.

pirate deb

Deb was piratey.

pirate me

I was piratey.

pirate waiter

Our waiter was piratey.  His name was Beethoven.

parrot cay

We ate in Parrot Cay.  The menus were piratey.  We got to keep them!

pearls of the caribbean

I had the “Pearls of the Caribbean”, which is Crabmeat, Shrimp and Salmon mixed in pearls of Couscous with a Lemon Grass infused Vinaigrette. (I’m typing this directly from the menu.  I wish I got to keep the menus from all the dinners.)

Captain Hook’s Macadamia Nut Dusted Mahi Mahi

For an entree I had “Captain Hook’s Macadamia Nut Dusted Mahi Mahi”, served with Jasmine rice and sauteed Pineapples on a mild curry sauce.

Jack Sparrow’s BBQ Marinated Beef Short Ribs

Deb had “Jack Sparrow’s BBQ Marinated Beef Short Ribs”, which is rubbed Beef Short Ribs with Tamarind-Barbecue Sauce served with Onion Red Bliss Mashed Potatoes and Plantain Chip. This wasn’t very good.  I took the plantain chip, which is why you see it on my dinner. Luckily, she also ordered “The Dutchmen’s Dijon Crusted Sirloin of Beef” (not pictured), a thick cut of Beef with Oven-roasted Sweet Potatoes and a Black Spot Tomato, with a deep Red Wine Glaze.


more wine

Oh, and we ordered wine.

Rum Soaked Chocolate Cake

For dessert (we got to keep that menu too), I had the Rum Soaked Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Glaze and Whipped Cream.

chocolate gluten free thing

Deb has some kind of chocolate gluten free thing that wasn’t on the menu.  She liked it.


They made Mickey ears on the plate.

me smoking a cuban

deb smoking a cuban

We enjoyed that cuban cigar on the deck afterward.  It was smooth and I wish I bought more.


They had fireworks that night off the starboard side.

disney-fied pirate show

Unfortunately, they Disney-fied pirates and had a singing and dancing show at the main pool.  I imagined what real pirates would say about this while they ran all these people through.


Afterward, they showed Pirates of the Caribbean on the big screen.  That was cool, but it was getting late, and we had an early morning.

towel monkey

Towel monkey!

  1. That’s it, we are going on a Disney cruise.

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