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A geek in Austin? A geek in Austin!
A geek in Austin. That’s me. First off, holy crap, the second least updated site on the internet gets an update! Every week that goes by, I say to myself, “I ought to update my site”. I also say, “I ought to plant a garden” and “I ought to finish hanging pictures” and “I ought to finish that book I’ve been reading for a year” and “I ought to get off the Xbox and make dinner”. The last one actually wins out, but by then I’m far too tired. I’m on the computer all day, so that last thing I... Continue Reading
Desperately Seeking Gin
Not really, but I am fresh out of gin and I can’t make a lot of cocktails right now.  I could run to Specs (which for my Vegas friends is like the Lee’s Discount Liquor of Texas).  Decent selection, but not enough there to satisfy my spoiled palate.  Thus, I have been looking for a store to match what luxury I had in Vegas with Total Wine & More.  That place is awesome, and they carry a tremendous selection of wines and spirits.  Beer too, but I don’t really buy any. So while we were out about town we found... Continue Reading