My Sad Little Garage Sale
I’m sitting here in the 10am hour of my garage sale. 3 hours in, I’ve sod $150 worth of stuff. I guess that’s not bad, but it’s all the big stuff: mower, edger, vacuum, cabinet, and a bunch of clothes. There’s still lots of clothes and all my books, and of course the TV and desk, which I really want to get gone. The sale hounds and the cheapos invaded early on. Now I’m getting the stragglers and the people supposedly speak no English and hand you whatever money they think they want to pay (but you know damn well... Continue Reading
Moving back to Houston
I never thought it would happen, but I am moving back to Houston. My girlfriend got a great job in Houston, so great that we can’t ignore it, despite the city. It’s not secret I was miserable in Houston. The weather sucked; Every day was like living in a swamp. I didn’t know a ton of people. I didn’t live in the greatest area. Katy is far from the city and far from anything cool. This time we’re doing it right. We’re living in the inner loop in a dee-luxe apartment in the sky-igh-ighhhh. We’re giving up one room’s worth... Continue Reading
Minecraft: Video Legos for Adults
I am a Minecraft junkie. I get off on the thrill of digging deep within the pixelated earth and finding diamonds and gold. I whittle away the evening hours making weird blocky architecture. Few people understand my obsession. I do not play the PC version. I play the xbox 360 version. Despite the time sink, somehow, paying 26 dollars for the latest and greatest version crosses an invisible line with me, though it’s not outside the realm of possibility that I will one day cave in (pun) and buy it. I am saving up for a trip right now, so... Continue Reading
Revelations of Advanced Age
It’s come to my attention that I have grown old and the world around me is rotting away and the people I know are all withered and dying like flowers baking in the heat of a dying star. Well it’s not all as bad as that, but it’s pretty depressing nonetheless. I just found out that an old old friend had a baby. Well, 6 months ago, but still. We no longer keep in touch. She’s one of those old friends that I had a million years ago when we were both stupid kids but had a falling out so... Continue Reading
New Year, Less Bacon
It’s a brand new year, just six days old, and visiting friend reminded me that I have a website that I should update, and now would be an opportune time. The past half year has filled me with both elation for whom I choose to associate with and a deep, fiery loathing for just about everyone else. Recent events have left me without a vehicle to spew hate and bile at, and since most of my friends live out of the city this really is the best medium. So, I resolve to post more, and try to remove my natural... Continue Reading
Cluster Headaches
I am diagnosed as a Cluster Headache (CH) sufferer as defined by the ICHD-II Code: 3.1 (ICD-10 code G44.0): Attacks of severe, strictly unilateral pain which is orbital, supraorbital. temporal or in any combination of these sites, lasting 15-180 minutes and occuring from once every other day to 8 times a day. The attacks are associated with one or more of the following, all of which are ipsilateral: conjuctival injection, lacrimation, nasal congestion, rhinorrhoea, forehead and facial sweating, miosis, ptosis, eyelid oedema. Most patients are restless and agitated during an attack. That’s the medical stuff. Here’s the plain speak. Cluster... Continue Reading
Star Trek Into Darkness: I Liked It!
I liked the new Star Trek movie! The old school Star Trek nerds may whine and complain about the loss of their old Star Trek, but nothing was going to please them anyway. This one really did have something for everyone. That said, I want to dive into some specifics, so if you didn’t see the movie yet, here’s where you stop reading this post and go do read something else. Seriously, I’m going to ruin the movie for you if you don’t. MULTIPLE SPOILER ALERT.... Permalink
A geek in Austin? A geek in Austin!
A geek in Austin. That’s me. First off, holy crap, the second least updated site on the internet gets an update! Every week that goes by, I say to myself, “I ought to update my site”. I also say, “I ought to plant a garden” and “I ought to finish hanging pictures” and “I ought to finish that book I’ve been reading for a year” and “I ought to get off the Xbox and make dinner”. The last one actually wins out, but by then I’m far too tired. I’m on the computer all day, so that last thing I... Continue Reading
A New Xbox
Hey, it’s a new post on the second least updated site in the universe! So we got a new Xbox.  Our old one was crapping out on us far too often.  As it is our primary source of entertainment, we had to replace it.  I imagine I can get the old one fixed, but we simply could not be without a working Xbox.... Permalink
chocolate souffle
Disney Magic Cruise – Part 7 of 7
Last full day of the cruise, so we opted to do the character breakfast at Parrot Cay.  This is where the characters come up to your table for a picture (for free, which is what makes this important, otherwise you’d have to get lucky and randomly catch them around the ship). They gave Deb a napkin hat. They gave me a napkin hat too. With nothing else to do we decided to go back to the pool one last time.  We don’t have a pool at home, so we miss this a lot.  The best we can do is to... Continue Reading
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